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The New Generation Game Consoles

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30. 10. 2014
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Part of the new generation consoles are three units: o Xbox 360 from Microsoft o Wii from Nintendo o Playstation 3 from Sony. Microsoft has been in the market the longest with the Xbox 360. Later on, Nintendo replaced the Game Cube with the Wii and most recently, Sony put the Play Station 3 into this race. All three consoles have very different features and vary greatly in price.

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Standing Devices / Portable Device

Whilst portable devices can be brought everywhere and played anywhere, standing devices cannot. They are usually heavier and more extensive.


The mediatype denots the type of storage device, on which the software (e.g. games) is stored. This can be a Blu-Ray/DVD/CD, CD/DVD, Cartridge, DVD/Mini-DVD or UMD.


One can usually differentiate between two types of displays. The integrated display, built-in to the console or the external display (e.g. a TV set), which the console is connected to.